About Us

Davis & Norris, LLP was founded 14 years ago by veteran big firm attorneys who spent decades representing large companies. Now, we have dedicated our practice to representing individuals against companies like the ones we used to defend. Because of our previous experience, we know how these companies work and we have been successful in cases against them. Davis & Norris has recovered close to a billion dollars for our clients located across the country.

At Davis & Norris, we have expertise in several areas of practice including, but not limited to, Bank and Finance Company Law, Consumer Fraud, Personal Injury, Environmental Law, and Technology and Privacy law. One of our most notable cases was the case of Tolbert vs. Monsanto in Anniston, AL. Our victory in this case resulted in the largest toxic tort settlement in the history of the United States. Because of this result, we are asked to participate in environmental cases across the U.S. and around the world. Our firm is also in the forefront of communications and privacy law. Davis & Norris represents hundreds of clients that have been harassed by creditors and telemarketers calling their cell phones.

No case is too small for us to consider. There are many instances in which a small injustice for one person has led to a class action that has helped hundreds. At Davis & Norris our most important case is yours.

There is no fee for an initial consultation and you pay us nothing unless we get a favorable outcome for you.