Insecure about your Home Security System?


First pointed out by a Department of Energy researcher, most security companies have a  wireless communication system that is easily subject to intrusion by using a software defined radio (SDR). Most security companies use wireless signals that are unsecured and unencrypted and with a frequency analyzer, available on most websites, a hacker can track usage of your system, trigger alarms, jam the system, or in some cases even disable the system from a remote location.

Early Termination Fees

While early termination fees seem common in cable and cell phone contracts, they are unlawful if corporations are using termination fees as an anti-competitive measure and when the fee is not designed to compensate for the true cost of termination before the end of the contract. Security companies have been imposing unlawful early termination penalties in an attempt to decrease competition and keep customers,unsatisfied with their service, trapped in their contract.

Furthermore, these companies have been collecting early termination fees from homes and business that required no equipment or installation, as the home was preinstalled with equipment. This created a windfall for security companies because there was no installation or additional equipment needed, but these companies still charged an early termination fee solely for monitoring.

Price Hikes

Security companies have repeatedly increased the fee of monitoring consumer homes, while the consumer’s contract was for lower fees. While price hikes are sometimes justified, customers should be given adequate notice and companies need to ensure consumer consent for price increases.

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