Misled by an Extended Warranty?

Auto Warranty Companies, like Endurance, Car Chex, and Fidelity, that provide extended auto warranties may have violated the law by refusing to pay claims, delaying payment of claims, or underpaying claims. We are investigating these and other issues concerning many different auto warranty companies.

Consumers purchase these extended warranties to cover costs of auto repairs that arise after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Common reasons that claims are denied include, but are not limited to “pre-existing condition” or “failure to provide recommended service.” Sometimes repairs are delayed for an unreasonable periods of times and sometimes the amount paid is less than the cost of repair. There are also times when needed repairs are not made at all.

If you believe that your extended car warranty claim has been wrongly denied, or wrongly underpaid, that you have been otherwise treated wrongly by an auto extended warranty company, please fill out the form below or give us a call at (205) 453-0093.