Upset with Time Warner?

Déjà vu or Bad Customer Service?

How many times have you called Time Warner’s Customer Service to try to get the same problem fixed? How long have you waited on hold for a supervisor? Did the tech ever show up for a scheduled appointment at your home?

These are just a few of the numerous problems that customers have experienced with Time Warner’s Customer Service. If you believe you are entitled to responsive customer service and you feel like you have not received it, the attorneys at Davis & Norris, LLP want to hear from you.

Ill-Equipped? Internet stuck in Slo-mo?

Did you lease equipment from Time Warner? Are you experiencing slow internet speeds? Are you frequently told by Time Warner that your internet speeds are being delivered as promised in the contract? You are not alone.

Many Time Warner customers, who leased equipment from the company, experience the same problems that you are. If you believe that you are paying too much money for internet that underperforms, Davis & Norris, LLP wants to help you.

Missing Channels

Do you frequently “lose” channels with your Time Warner cable service? Is your service so unpredictable that you feel like you would be better off with a pair of “rabbit ears?”

Customers, like you, have similar complaints related to the reliability of their cable service through Time Warner. Additionally, many have their favorite channels taken away from them when Time Warner decides to change the channel lineup.

If your cable service is unpredictable or you feel like you are not getting the channels that you contracted for, please provide us with a little bit of information below and one of our attorneys will call you at a time convenient for you to discuss your complaints with Time Warner.

Enough is Enough!

Time Warner has taken advantage of its customers long enough. The attorneys of Davis & Norris, LLP want to hear about your problems with Time Warner cable and internet. By providing us with a little bit of information below we can better assist you and hopefully resolve your problem with Time Warner: