Samsung’s Incomplete Fix to its Flawed Washing Machines

Last November, Samsung voluntarily recalled 3 million washing machines due to users being injured by the machines. The recall gave customers three options (1) a complete refund of the money spent on the machine if the machine had been purchased within 30 days of the recall, (2) a rebate on a new machine, or (3) a warranty extension and in home repair of the recalled machine.

A recent lawsuit questions whether these options appropriately clean Samsung’s mess.

First, most consumers do not qualify for the full refund because their purchase was well outside the 30-day time limit. Second, the rebate that Samsung has offered is so small that it would not cover the cost of a replacement washing machine. Lastly, the warranty extension and in home repair option created more problems than it solved.

The complaint alleges that it often took multiple appointments for service technicians to complete repairs. The complaint then alleges that once repairs were finally complete, they were subpar. Samsung sent technicians to install structural reinforcements to the washer, but customers also received a “Home Label Kit” that included an overlay for the machine’s control panel, which turns down the speed of the machine. Owners are now complaining that due to this lowered speed, clothes are soaking wet when they come out of the wash.

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