Davis Norris is Handling Claims Against Internet Service Providers for Slow Service

Davis & Norris LLP has over 800 clients in the Moody area in St. Clair County who claim that Windstream, a provider of phone and Internet service, does not provide Internet service at the speeds that Windstream promised when our clients signed up for service.

Our clients claim that Windstream has consistently failed to deliver “high-speed internet” to them. These Windstream customers contend that they continually have speed problems with their internet service. In some cases, customers experiencing speed problems say they would call into Windstream to complain or to inquire as to the reason for the speed impairment. In many instances, our clients claim that Windstream “upsold” them with what was purportedly even higher-speed internet, which it was not.

Davis Norris’s Windstream clients say that Windstream has failed to disclose to these Clients that Windstream’s provision of Internet services is inherently limited, for two reasons. First, Windstream is providing internet service to the clients’ homes using existing copper wire technology of limited bandwidth capacity. A second possible reason for limited Internet signal is that Windstream is overloading the technological infrastructure so as to hamper and to dampen customer-realized internet speeds. Thus, Windstream’s internet service does not achieve a “high-speed” level of speed, according to hundreds of our clients. Regardless of the reason, Windstream has marketed and sold internet service as “high speed” when it in fact is not. Because Windstream is not delivering reliable or “high speed” internet service, Windstream’s charges for internet services to our clients, as described above, are unreasonable, our clients contend.

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